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laptop Overheating - Shutdown Problems

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laptop Overheating – Shutdown Problems


      I was on the phone recently with a gentleman who was going to bring me his daughter’s laptop because it was shutting down after only being on for around 30 seconds or so. Sound familiar? Maybe not your daughter in the picture but the problem does ring a bell for you or someone you know? This has to be one of the most common problems I have people seeking my help with. I actually offer, 5 to 10 minutes of free phone support to all potential clients to address problems like this to save everyone time and hopefully money.

Here is how I helped without having to see the laptop. I explained to this caller that the laptop was shutting down due to a “Kill Switch” that is present in most electronics equipment today. This happens when the laptop’s (in this case) internal temperature reaches a certain degree that the system has set in its BIOS as dangerous to its health.  This in most cases happens due to the laptop needing its fan and air flow system cleaned, by blowing out of all dust and debris. Another big cause of this problem is when people use their laptops sitting on a bed, couch cushion or even their lap! This restricts all the airflow needed for cooling in turn overheating the machine and shutting it down.

There are many low cost solutions for this and suggestions to avoid it from happening from the beginning and during the course of its life. I said the laptop has a “Kill Switch” but  beware, to go on without addressing things will result in the laptop being permanently damaged and unusable.


  •         Get a can of Dust-Off, use a compressor & blow out all dust & Debris regularly

if you do not have access to an air compressor You can get compressed air, Dust-Off or generic brands You will want to keep the fan and airflow system on your laptop or any PC for that matter as clean as possible from dust & debris

  •         Keep your laptop on a hard, flat surface.

Most all laptops only provide millimeters of clearance that the legs provide when sitting on a flat surface. A laptops air flow system operates by the fan on the underside of the machine sucking in cool air and exhausting the heat through the side. This obviously cannot happen if the laptop isn’t placed appropriately when being used.

  •         Buy a laptop cooler or cooling plate.

They come in a wide range of quality, appearances and price .You can buy very cheap laptop coolers or cooling bases that can be very thin & whisper quiet when the fan is in use. They plug in directly to your laptop through a USB port & are very convenient for travel. It also gives you a stable surface to work with your laptop on.

Bottom Line, it’s your laptop and if you wish to not have to replace it as often, keep this blog in mind. This person was lucky they chose my company to call who prides themselves on not selling clients “Unneeded Services” and keeping costs down. I helped this gentlemen in less than 5 minutes and saving him the better part of $100.00.

Cannon technology values all clientele and is built on honesty, decency and integrity when conducting business. Our reputation provides repeat business through word of mouth, so please tell a friend!